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Disclosure of Potential Material Connections

Various content (ex: reviews, recommendations, endorsements, testimonials, text, images, videos etc.) you see posted on this website, our social medias, texts & emails, on other third-party websites (ex: social networks, blogs, articles, editorials etc.), & through other channels and media forms may be posted by various sources (ex: promoters, reviewers, affiliates, publications, influencers, actors, models, customers, content creators etc.) that we may have a "material connection" with as defined by the FTC. The FTC defines a "material connection" as including a personal, family, or employment relationship or a financial relationship (ex: Includes any sort of incentive which may include free products or gifts, monetary payment, discount codes or gift cards, discounted products or services etc.). If you are posting any sort of content & may have a material connection with us, please ensure to clearly & conspicuously disclose it (for example by writing #SPONSORED), be honest & truthful, and follow all applicable law. When viewing content, please assume that we have a material connection with the poster/creator of that content, even if the poster/creator may have forgot to make the disclosure. Assuming that we may have a material connection with the source of a particular piece of content may help you make more informed purchase decisions.

Reviews Disclaimers

Certain reviews may be atypical, extreme, and may not represent the typical customer experience or results. Your results can & will vary. Reviews may apply to one or more products, bundles, our brand, website, service, shipping, customer experience, & more. When viewing reviews, please assume that we have a material connection with the poster/creator of that review, even if the poster/creator may have forgot to make the disclosure. Assuming that we may have a material connection with the source of a particular piece of content may help you make more informed purchase decisions.

Strike-Through Pricing Disclaimer

Smyle Labs may use strikethrough pricing for certain items (for example, when presenting a discount or promotional price for items, or the price of a bundle or product if the items had been purchased individually in single-unit quantities). Smyle Labs does not represent that the strikethrough price was the regular or former price of items for any particular period of time and the time period may vary widely depending on the items. The strikethrough price may also be an introductory price that was offered for a short period of time.

Liability and Damages

Physical devices similar to those from which lithium-ion batteries are present have been known to heat up excessively and/or explode and can cause damage if this happens. Our products are dangerous if swallowed, inserted into any other body cavity and should not be permitted to be around children or pets. Small pieces that are included in our products may pose a choking hazard. Lighters may pose a fire/burn hazard and should not be used around flammable objects and should be out of reach of children. Lighters should not be tampered with, opened, exposes to water, temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and should be not be used for more one minute per session (a maximum of three minutes every 10 minutes). Lighters should never be used around strangers or in public. In rare cases, lighters may leak butane (this is noted by a flame that does not subside or creates an audible noise of gas release) in which case the lighter should be placed away from any flammable objects, humans, or animals and should be safely discarded. Smyle Labs LLC cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages that occur from any such event.

Smyle Lab's liability to you shall not exceed the amount of money you spent on acquiring Smyle Lab's products and shall, furthermore, not include any liability for any indirect loss, loss of profit, injury or other damages. Any suit brought against Smyle Labs based upon information on this website or based upon claims of damages from Smyle Labs products shall be brought in Ventura County, California and shall be governed under the laws of the State of California, United States.

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