Pyro Pistol P420 by Smyle Labs
a package of pyro pistol model p - 420
Pyro pistol open with cartridge
Pyro pistol side view open
Pyro pistol with different magazines
Pyro pistol side view closed
Pyrol pistol how to load
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Pyro Pistol P420 by Smyle Labs

PyroPistol - P420

Whether you're a gun enthusiast, smoke connoisseur, or simply in search of an exceptional and inventive torch, let us introduce you to the Pyro Pistol P19. This remarkable torch goes beyond expectations, resembling a realistic gun in both form and function. Equipped with two different clip sizes, one mimicking an "extendo mag" and the other a "regular-sized mag," the Pyro Pistol P19 offers versatility to suit your preferences.




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