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Our company Age Policy mandates that purchasers are the greater/oldest of: eighteen (18) years of age or older, the age of majority or the legal age in your state or province of residence, & the minimum legal age in your jurisdiction to purchase from or access or use our products or website. Any sale of Smyle Labs products to a legal minor constitutes a violation of our terms of sale. Smyle Labs requires purchasers to complete a legal age certification statement as a requirement of our checkout process.

Smyle Labs products do not contain nicotine or tobacco derivatives. Our products do not meet the definition of tobacco products and are not governed by tobacco product law. Despite this, we still don't recommend anyone under the age of 18 to use our products. As such we have chosen to uphold a company policy that we only authorize the sale of our products to legal adults.

By checking this box and/or visiting or entering or using or purchasing from our website or using any of our products, you are agreeing to this age policy & certifying you are 18+ years of age. You hereby represent that you have read, understand, agree and certify your assent to this agreement. This website uses cookies to enhance user experience and analyze performance and traffic on this website. You hereby represent you are at least 18+ years old or the age of majority or the legal age in your state or province of residence, whichever is greater. Please ensure to check with trusted local authorities to verify & confirm what minimum ages may apply in your local jurisdiction. By checking this box and agreeing to this age policy, you agree to provide consent for Smyle Labs to share site usage information with our partners.

For questions about our age policy, please contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must carefully read and agree to our to our Terms of Servicedisclaimerage policy, and privacy policy before making a purchase or using our products or website. By making a purchase or using our products or website, you agree that you have read & agreed to all of the policies & related items.

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