Downstem Soaker by Smyle™ Labs
Instruction on how to use the Downstem Soaker
How to clean your downstem in just 30 seconds!
Clean downstems in under a minute.
What's included in the Downstem Soaker box by Smyle™ Labs?
Downstem Soaker by itself
Downstem soaker back of the box
Downstem Soaker front of the box
Downstem Soaker with downstem inserted
Downstem soaker right of the front box
Downstem soaker center front of box
Downstem Soaker by Smyle™ Labs

The Downstem Soaker by Smyle™ Labs

Cleaning your downstem has never been easier or more efficient than with the Downstem Soaker by Smyle™ Labs. Say goodbye to makeshift solutions and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of this innovative cleaning tool.



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